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Junior Certificate Science Topics

This part of SuBATOMIC presents common misconceptions, teaching activities, resources, diagnostic questions, relevant parts of the Junior Certificate science syllabus and a place to revise your own understanding of a number of Junior Certificate chemistry topics.

My suggestion for using this section of the site to plan lessons is to:

  1. look at the Junior Cert. syllabus in the topic and see the minimum that pupils are expected to learn,
  2. look at the common pupil misconceptions in the topic,
  3. revise your own understanding to make sure you can put together a convincing argument for why any misconceptions are incorrect,
  4. then look at the Diagnostic Questions to make sure you fully understand the concepts and check if you think some of them might be useful teaching resources,
  5. finally look at the teaching activities and resources to see if there are anyuseful activities or something that sparks off an idea for you, and,
  6. also don’t forget the Research. There might be a useful research idea that will give you an idea for a great activity!


There are four topics available at the moment.
























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